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THE YEAR IS 1916 and the world has been swallowed by a war greater than any before it. Amidst the tumult, Lillian Sinclair trains as a spy for the Deuxième Bureau, French intelligence. Sooner than anticipated, Lillian is given her first assignment: she must rescue a fellow agent, one who has spent months gathering information in enemy territory. To make matters worse, she's been assigned a difficult partner who she may not be able to trust. As she faces danger, Lillian's wit, courage, and heart will be tested. 

'Love & Country' features a rich historical narrative with romantic themes, dozens of full illustrations, an original score, and meaningful choices that lead players down distinct story paths.  


Story & Art: Juliana Parks | twitter | instagram

Story & Programming: Katie Beiter

Music & SFX: Zachary Pinkham | website | itch.io profiletwitterinstagram

French Translations: Martii | website

German Translations: OnionCuttingNinja | lemma soft profile

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsGuhuhu Games, pr1nsass, Zachary Pinkham
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFemale Protagonist, Indie, Multiple Endings, Narrative, Otome, Period Piece, Ren'Py, Romance, Story Rich


LoveandCountryDEMO-1.0-mac.zip 527 MB
LoveandCountryDEMO-1.0-pc.zip 562 MB

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This is so good! Both of the routes look exciting so I’m very curious to see what will happen next… The art is amazing and I love how stylized everything is. I didn’t realize I had a soft spot for this genre, but now I’m on the hunt for more games like this. Can’t wait for the full game!


Wow, thank you so much! 💗 


What an amazing job! The clear amount of research and time that went into this is impressive. I will sadly tell you that when I downloaded the PC version of the demo I got the lovely score and what I believe is the starting page...but as a screen reader user I couldn't find how to read any text or navigate buttons. This website itself is pretty accessible, but the game software etc. is not compatible. I wonder if what you are using has a screen reading option in it? 

Reading through this with friends though was really fun and you should consider having it voiced! OMG need. More.  Emile. Need. More. Oboe.....<3

So excited for more! And I wonder if the tech developers could work with you on the visual novel format being able to be read with a screen reader or other assistive technology. I'm blind, so I would also love some epic alt text for what I am certain is AMAZING and accurate art!!!!!!  

Okay, enough gushing. Talk soon!


Thank you so much for this feedback! We will definitely be adding accessibility features with the full version, and intend to test with screen readers during the development process. In fact, we have plans to do a full makeover of the menus.

Stay tuned for more. <3

that’s awesome! Looking forward to it and thanks for the quick response!


Fantastic game! I had so much fun playing it! Emile is my favorite, can't wait to see how his route plays out! 

Lovely game all and all! Can't wait for the next update, good luck on your project!


Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it ❤️


Hihi waiting for next up <3


Thanks for checking us out <3  Stay tuned, we'll be sure to let you know when we're updating!